Powder Coating

One of the long-lasting finishes your alloy wheel can have is powder coating. Compared to liquid paint or diamond-cut surfaces, it provides adequate protection against damage and corrosion to the alloy wheels. CR Alloys offers full repair and renovating services using the latest metal filling and sandblasting techniques. Powder coating is utilised to restore your wheel completely. We also offer to match the existing colour entirely or change it as per your choice.

Powder Coating

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Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Procedure

It is very important to make the alloy wheel free from dirt, dust, paint and lacquer. First, the alloy wheel is dipped in acid solution followed by a high-pressure wash removing the acid from its surface. Then, the damaged surfaces are renewed by the use of blast sanding and filling techniques in order to get a smooth and damaged free surface. Next, the wheel is heated in the oven before the process of powder coating starts. When the wheel attains the required temperature, one of our expert workers will coat the wheel with the selected colour. Applying colour to the heated wheel helps the powder stick well and ensures smooth coating all over the wheel. The coated wheel is then sent back to the oven. The alloy wheel is then removed from the oven and allowed to cool. This helps in curing the painted finish. Using the same powder coating technique, the wheel is passed through the lacquer application. Finally, after powder coating and lacquer processing, the wheel is removed from the oven and left to cool slowly.


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Powder Coating

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