Diamond Cutting

CR Alloys is adept in repairing diamond cut alloy wheels. We work on a myriad of alloy wheels every year from our service centres. Advancements in technology have resulted in the complexity of alloy wheel designs. It has led CR Alloys to gear up their equipment and work on the latest techniques to keep up with the diamond cut alloy wheel manufacturing process. You can depend on us to provide diamond cut alloy wheel repair services with the use of advanced techniques irrespective of size or age.

Diamond Cutting

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Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheels

CR Alloys uses a CNC machining process to fix the defects in diamond-cut alloy wheels. This results in a smooth, flat and glossy finish to the corners of a rim. Sometimes diamond cut alloy wheels have multicoloured or multi-textured sides. In this case, we would use combined treatment of alloy wheel repairing and alloy wheel renewing to achieve total restoration of your wheel. A diamond cutting CNC machining process is used on specific areas of the wheel, which is followed by a standard alloy wheel repair or renewing procedure.


Renovating Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

A vehicle’s wheel surface is subject to corrosion and damage. All alloy wheels are susceptible to damage if left untreated after exposure to certain elements. Although some alloy wheels are more durable than others, diamond-cut alloy wheels are the most sensitive ones to repair. They look stylish, but fixing them is a difficult task.


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To discuss your requirements with an alloy wheel repairing expert, contact our office on 01215590555.

Diamond Cutting

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